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25 April

Let's sum up the results of War Robots Live Show 2023! 1. Titans will get their first pilots in one of the upcoming updates: Yang Lee and Nessa Riggs will make a comeback as titan pilots.2. Meteor titan Rook and sniper robot Crisis will become avaialable in Update 9.1.3. Ultimate Equipment: Premium enhanced versions of...

Recap of War Robots Live Show 2023

21 April

If you're a content creator making cool War Robots and War Robots: Frontiers content for platforms like YouTube and Twitch (or plan to do so), feel free to drop an email to with the subject line "Frontiers Content Creator". And join our Creator Program! We...

Creator Program

21 April

Answer every question in this form correctly by April 21 to win a reward! You can find the clues on our social media and on the streams of top tier War Robots Content Creators. On April 21, we'll announce the right answers during our Live Show stream.  April, 15, Saturday Adrian Chong stream 2pm UTCDanny Lightning...


21 April

To celebrate the anniversary of the War Robots franchise, you can enjoy War Robots: Frontiers for free for a limited time and save on Early Access once the free period is over.Play NOW Experience the world of War Robots: Frontiers for yourself, or invite friends to enjoy the full Early Access...

Frontiers Free Weekend + Twitch Drops

15 April

War Robots Anniversary Gifts are here!Dragon of the North, Fafnir glides onto battle!Login everyday from 04/11 till 4/24 and get free rewards!You can get Fafnir, four Skadi weapons, legendary paintjob, event coins and new pilot Noa Minax!


14 April

Here is the full list of activities of War Robots Live Show 2023! Check it out not to miss anything fun and get all the rewards! We'll update this article with links as the events go live. April 2, Sunday (starting) Fan Art Contest  April 13, Wednesday (starting) WR...

War Robots Live Show 2023 Schedule

13 April

Do you have some WR-related creative works? Want to win in-game prizes and be featured in LiveShow? Then we’ve got a contest for you! Send us an artwork, a hand-made robot model or any piece of creative work related to War Robots using this form, and don’t forget to add your ID. It doesn’t have to be...


13 April

This year’s LiveShow is expanding and will have even more new cool activities. Introducing WR Universe Awards – our own ceremony where we’ll be highlighting all the nice things happened to War Robots over the year 2022-2023. And you will be picking the best of them! That’s right, soon enough...


13 April

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of WR LiveShow aesthetics. Oh, and if you want those artworks for your PC desktops, mobile phones, profile pictures or even profile backgrounds, check this link and download them in high resolution: 


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