25 April

Recap of War Robots Live Show 2023

Let's sum up the results of War Robots Live Show 2023!

1. Titans will get their first pilots in one of the upcoming updates: Yang Lee and Nessa Riggs will make a comeback as titan pilots.
2. Meteor titan Rook and sniper robot Crisis will become avaialable in Update 9.1.
3. Ultimate Equipment: Premium enhanced versions of old classic robots and weapons. Ultimate Specter and Ultimate Orkan will be the first such equipment already in update 9.1. New robots and weapons will be added in the future.
4. Yamantau map will receive a remastered version in one of the next updates.
5. Titles will become a new distinguishing feature of commanders in battle. Title is displayed next to the nickname in the player’s profile and in battle. Titles can be obtained by completing special tasks, a similar mechanic to the achievements and medals familiar from many other games.
6. Famous War Robots character APPM3TR will appear in War Robots Frontiers. 
7. War Robots Frontiers will host a free weekend. At this time, everyone can try the game, regardless of the purchase of the Pioneer Pack: https://wrfrontiers.com/
8. Leak Hunt has come to an end. Correct answers can be found here: https://liveshow.warrobots.com/quiz/. Winners will soon receive rewards to their accounts via in-game messages.
9. The results of War Robots Awards can be found here: https://liveshow.warrobots.com/awards/ 

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