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Frontiers Free Weekend + Twitch Drops

Frontiers Free Weekend + Twitch Drops.

To celebrate the anniversary of the War Robots franchise, you can enjoy War Robots: Frontiers for free for a limited time and save on Early Access once the free period is over.
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Experience the world of War Robots: Frontiers for yourself, or invite friends to enjoy the full Early Access adventure this weekend. From April 21 (11:00 CEST) to April 24, everyone can play for free via MGLauncher or the Steam Demo Version.

Live Streams & Twitch Drops (April 21-25). Tune in to War Robots: Frontiers live streams on Twitch hosted by our amazing content creators and earn in-game content via Twitch Drops.

Here are some channels hosting War Robots: Frontiers streams:

13 March 2024