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Who’s the best of all time? Last year we launched our own WR Universe Awards –– a ceremony where we highlighted the best of the best in 2022-2023, from the latest game content to our greatest Creators. We will be more focused this time, but it will be way more epic! The game was always about robots, right? The WR Universe Awards 2024 will be an entire tournament, dedicated to finding out which was the best ever robot over last 10 years. And it’s you who will be the judges of that!

Every week starting from March 13, you will vote for the best robot WR has ever released, from update 0.1.0 to 9.9.9. No Titans! Sorry, big boys, one day you’ll get your own nominations.
This first week is the Qualifiers: all of our robots will be split into separate categories, sorted by their year of release. After that, we will use the Single Elimination format for our 10 winners, just like the example below. That means that as each week passes, you’ll be voting for the 1/8, ¼, ½ stages and the finals, so don’t miss out on supporting your favorites!

Oh, and one last thing: if you participate and vote at every stage, you just might be able to score yourself a nice in-game gift from us in the end of the Tournament! Moreover, we will also pick one random player who voted during all the stages and reward him with a yearly subscription to all the upcoming regular robots! You heard that right: every release, from 10.0.0 to 11.0.0, we'll be sending a new robot to that lucky winner.

So stay tuned, watch out for the news on our Socials and let’s find out which Robot in the game really is the BEST!

14 March 2024