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As you might have noticed, we’re really going the extra mile in all of our anniversary events and activities! Our investigation questline is no exception. Remember last year’s Leak Hunt? Imagine if it was way more difficult, richer in WR lore and had even better rewards hidden inside? Cracking this puzzle won’t be too easy, but it’s definitely worth it! There is a series of in-game Mystery Tasks connected to the Icarus terminal on this very website, presented to you by detective Hugo Booker. Hugo is trying to uncover the secrets behind the purple anomalies appearing in the game and an old disaster called the Cataclysm. If you’re sharp, you might just figure out the exact reason why the War Robots’ Earth was abandoned and what those anomalies could have in store for us next! You’re also going to receive some game goodies, of course!

15 March 2024