13 April


This year’s LiveShow is expanding and will have even more new cool activities. Introducing WR Universe Awards – our own ceremony where we’ll be highlighting all the nice things happened to War Robots over the year 2022-2023. And you will be picking the best of them!
That’s right, soon enough you’ll be able to login in LiveShow’s site and vote for your favorites. Voting will start on April 7, and will last until April 17. After that we’ll do the counting and announce the results during the main show livestream.
Here’s the full list of all nominations:

Best Robot
Best Titan
Best weapon set
Best Pilot
State of the Art
Sharp Looks
Oldie but goodie
Community Star
Rising star
Community Project
Best reimagined robot
Best original robot

What do those names mean and what’s included? We’re leaving guessing up to you.

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