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The 15th War Robots map lies somewhere deep in the icy wastelands near the Earth’s South Pole. A long-forgotten research complex that once belonged to five corporations, is now a home to a swarm of mechanical predators that consume both flesh and steel… Can you stop those pesky spiders from triggering the second Cataclysm on Earth and liberate Ground Zero?

Let’s find out in our new Community event! To add the map to the regular rotation, you’ll have to fight together as a community against the spiders in Extermination mode. We will post your global progress in-game and on our social media pages. Once you annihilate enough spiders to reach 100%, the map will be unlocked for PvP battles! There also will be a special Leaderboard with rewards for everyone (as shown in the pic) and the most dedicated Grey Swarm exterminators will get an exclusive Title.

Time to go beyond your horizons, Commanders. Try to avoid getting swarmed – and good luck!


24 April 2024