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This April, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of War Robots. If you missed the occasion but still want to get a bit of that event cheer, watch our Live Show stream and use this little gift code in the game — WARROBOTS10. And if you'd rather spend time winning battles, here we have the shortest recap of everything important from that stream. There are ten major points, let's go:


1) The Clans system is getting an overhaul in 10.1. Clans will become fully cross-platform, meaning combined member rosters of players from Android, iOS, PC and Amazon. The process of managing a Clan will present new challenges and provide new bonuses for those who do it right. Each Clan will have its own base of operations which the Clan Leader along with their Senior Officers will develop for the benefit of every member of the Clan.


2) A new game mode is coming to War Robots! The goal of a "Push" battle will be to push a moving object all the way to the enemy base, overcoming the opponents' resistance. The new mode will appear in the Rotating Queue. Time to dust off an Ochokochi or two, perhaps?


3) The Modules system will be overhauled in the upcoming months. There are no specifics yet, so please follow our social media for official announcements.


4) Update 10.1 will introduce a new brawler robot that relies heavily on jumps. We already have an overview, you can watch it here.


5) War Robots: Frontiers hosted a free month for everyone to try out the game and see what robot combat can look like on PC. Be sure to check their official socials if you simply can't get enough of these two-legged metal monsters:

6) More robots are coming to WR. Update 10.1 will see the debut of Ultimate Bulgasari with an indestructible side shield. Ultimate Rayker and a yet announced Ultimate Titan will enter the service by the end of this year.


7) The 15th map had to be liberated by our heroic Commanders before it could appear in regular PvP modes. When we finally unveiled Ground Zero, it was completely overrun by the Gray Swarm. You had to collectively eliminate millions of AI crawlers for the first beacon to light up. You did it! Ground Zero is already available in all the traditional game modes.


8) The winner of WR Awards, where you voted for different robots throughout several weeks, is Fenrir. Thus, we proclaimed it the Community’s Favorite. It will soon receive a permanent honorary badge in the game. Everybody who voted at each stage of the Awards received a prize. Two lucky winners got yearly robot subscription and will be receiving the new robot of each update until the end of 2024: Solo_Fide and 21pilotos21.


9) The investigation storyline which led to the discovery of Ground Zero required a lot of brainwork and quite a bit of team play. We were amazed by your brilliant display of logic and attention to detail! There's a nice recap from ᗺ Ξ H Ξ Λ Đ Ξ Đ on WR Reddit. Consider giving it a read, you might encounter more puzzles like that in the future. Two lucky winners who got a yearly Event Operation subscription are WalsterBot5336 and HEXAN992.

10) We held an art contest (winner IDs) and a story contest (winners IDs) shortly before the Live Show. You can check the best artworks here. We'll also highlight the winning stories on our social media soon.

8 May 2024