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Here’s a collection of stories from winners of our Anniversary Contest. Enjoy!



By Emman

"War Robots was once just my way to unwind while working in a foreign land. But here I am, clashing a giant titan, and booming cannons become my solace while miles away from my love onces.

Late-night battles are a shared ritual. Victories erupt in digital fireworks, while losses are mourned. Clan chat becomes a lifeline, a place for birthday salutes, life updates, and unwavering support. I'm not just a pilot; I'm part of a WR community.

War Robots is more than a game. It's a lifeline, a reminder that even in a foreign land, connection transcends borders. Here, in this world of War Robots, I've found a different kind of home."


By Striker

"Rain lashed down on Natasha's battered Griffin. Her crimson paint glinted like a dying ember. Across the smoking ruins, a colossal Ares loomed, its twin cannons glowing. One shot could end her. But giving up wasn't in Natasha's code. With a surge of power, she unleashed her own rockets. The Ares shuddered, its aim faltering. In that split second, Natasha saw her chance. A final, desperate dash. Her rockets slammed into the Ares, a fiery explosion erupting. Silence. Then cheers from her teammates, their battered bots rising from cover. Victory, against all odds. But as the rain washed grime from her faceplate, Natasha knew the war for New Earth was far from over."


By ฿฿Ɏ₲łⱤⱠ

“Last year, around this time, I was in search for a new clan. Completely obvious to the discord community, I went into Facebook WR groups to complete my search. It was there, under a clan search post I created, I got an invite to a discord server from none other than the DED Empire. DED was the first official clan I got accepted into but this isn't what the story is about. During my time in DED, I met many wonderful people but I can also say I met the love of my life. He claims to have fallin for me the first time on comms but I don't even remember that experience. He followed me from DED to RH (Ruthless Hunters) and eventually, after hours of grinding legend league one night, he has joined me in leading a clan I started called ฿YTE. If you were to tell me I would have met the love of my life because of War Robots, I would have thought you were crazy but it's true. I fell in love with War Robots and I fell in love on War Robots. <3”


By HELL自然界

"It was a hotly contested battlefield, with bullets flying and explosions rocking the air. My trusty robot, the "Nucleon Behemoth", was locked in a fierce firefight against a formidable enemy squad player. The odds seemed stacked against me and my mates, but we didn't give up.

As the battle raged on, my teammates and I fought valiantly, pushing back the enemy forces with every ounce of determination we had. You could literally say that the battlefield was a chaotic dance of lasers, machine guns and missiles. It was a true test of skill and teamwork.

In the midst of the chaos, our team found ourselves outnumbered and on the brink of defeat. But that's when I began to turn the tides. By spawning my Evora Minos, I activated my titan special ability, reflector, Killing 2 bots from the redirected damage. Their health bars plummeted, and the enemy squad started to crumble under the relentless assault. Managing to capture the 5 beacons in time.

That moment marked my best comeback ever."


By Cioparo

“War Robots encapsulates the essence of intense competition and exhilarating gameplay moments that keep players on the edge of their seats. Each match unfolds like an epic saga, with dramatic comebacks, legendary streaks, and valiant defenses weaving together to create unforgettable experiences. As a dedicated player, I am drawn to the thrill of these moments and the strategic depth the game offers. Participating in the tournament represents an opportunity to showcase my skills and determination, aiming not only for victory but also for the coveted rewards that come with it. I am committed to mastering the battlefield, adapting to ever-changing scenarios, and leading my team to triumph. With each match, I immerse myself in the world of War Robots, driven by a passion to excel and a hunger for victory.”


By Hero no 1

"The Brave Warrior's Tale"

“In the heart of the War Robots battlefield, I found myself outnumbered, my team teetering on the edge of defeat. But as the enemy closed in, a surge of determination welled up within me. With my loyal robot by my side, I rallied my comrades, leading them in a courageous counterattack.

Amidst the chaos of smoke and fire, we clashed with our foes, fighting tooth and nail with every exchange. Our adversaries faltered, their ranks breaking under the relentless assault we mounted. When the dust settled, we emerged victorious, our triumph resounding across the battlefield.

In that pivotal moment, I grasped the true essence of War Robots – not merely a game of metal and circuits, but a testament to the courage, strategy, and unwavering spirit of those who dare to engage. And though the battles may fade from memory, the echoes of our valor shall endure eternally."

17 May 2024